Mobile Validity Platform

Mobile Validity (MV) is an industry-leading mobile application development platform that is used by organizations to increase their productivity by mobilizing their workforce. MV turns paper processes and outdated applications into digital tools.

MV allows users to design solutions to be deployed to field workers on mobile devices. Through our user-driven data collection application development tool, companies maintain institutional control over all work performed.

With MV's real-time reporting, data analysis, and quality assurance, companies are able to gather data remotely and generate reports while the technicians are still in the field. The result is a quicker, smarter, better way of working.

What makes Mobile Validity unique?

Mobile Validity is flexible. Other programs force users to conform to how the system works. Mobile Validity adapts to our clients work processes.

Mobile Validity is:

  • Multiplatform: supports Tablet PC, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry to give you flexibility of deployment
  • Customize question types: in addition to built-in question types, the software allows you to design custom question types and assign properties
  • Scalable: it is designed to support thousands of mobile workers
  • Create simple or complex questionnaires: there is no limit to the number of elements you can include in your application. With Mobile Validity's drag and drop Questionnaire Developer, you don't have to be a programmer to design and deploy mobile applications. The software optimizes data collection efforts of all size. Built-in logic guides users to answer only those questions relevant to the data being collected

What can I do with Mobile Validity?

Create questionnaires using our question type building blocks. Mobile Validity has multiple question types to build your application (including pull-downs, number input, sketch, photo input, GPS input and more) to suit your needs.

Deploy data collection applications to different types of mobile devices. The Mobile Validity Control Center lets you send new or updated questionnaires to all devices. This automates device management, including version control, security assignments and device updating.

Manage your data. Mobile Validity lets you see your data as it is uploaded to the system, and sort by time, user, user group, device and other elements via a web interface with workflow and administrative tools. It is an excellent quality assurance tool that features time/date stamping and audit trails.

Integrate with other systems. Mobile Validity features industry-standard technology and supports both Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases to seamlessly connect to other critical systems. Mobile Validity allows exporting of files, online dispatch, scheduling, and provisioning.

Report on your data. Mobile Validity has strong reporting features that allow you to create report filters or standard reports that can be viewed in real time or at scheduled intervals.

Mobile Validity is leading the way in making mobile application development and management accessible to non-programming clients. Take control of your business with Mobile Validity.

To see a demonstration, click here.

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